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Lucas Mom Feedback 2013

Hi Mr. Morgan!

Here are my thoughts on how Morgan Rothschild Academy has shaped Lucas as a happy preschooler/ kindergartener.

“I remember my heartaches as a mother when, 1) I was first handed a Special Learning Group card by Lucas’s Playclub teacher when he was just 2.5 y.o., 2) a principal asked for our ayi to “shadow” Lucas just because of a one time incident when he pushed a boy at school, and 3)Lucas out-rightly refused and would cry begging not to go his K1 class since he’d go home every day for almost 2 months so unbearably unhappy.

We then decided to take him to a Speech Therapist, because it may be that his actions were borne out of frustrations of not being able to express himself fully. He did this for less than 4 months, until his therapist said that Lucas has no further need of the classes and that the next step was to provide him with the proper school environment that will bring out the best in him.

The very words that the school director of Morgan Rothschild Academy told me in my first meeting with him alongside Lucas. I knew then that FINALLY I have found the “place to be” for my son. Lucas joined Morgan Rothschild in the second half of SY 2011-2012. He started out as an aloof boy barely making contact with his peer group except to his English teacher. But a few weeks after, what I noticed was nothing short of miraculous — he started talking non-stop and sharing stories with us about his day at school.

Before that preschool year ended, he was making such an impressive progress that he was even given the “Random Facts Award”, which he cherishes because he said his preschool friends gave it to him. 🙂 He joined Morgan Rothschild’s summer camp too! By then he had flourished into this self-assured little man who loves going to school because as he’d say — “I have the best teachers!”. Fast forward to his Kindergarten year, and I found myself with a very confident kid who goes about everyday happily talking of his adventures with his friends at school. Whether it be learning, or playtime, or the social activities these children are engaged in — I see it with my very own eyes (yes, I am that mom who’s in every school activity there is!) how they love every bit of the time that they share & have at Morgan Rothschild. I am so happy to see such nice, well-mannered, very happy kids whom you can tell have genuine affection for one another.

Needless to say how my heart is filled with overwhelming gratitude for successfully picking the best place I could have possibly searched for and FOUND to be a “second home” for my son. Now as a mother — isn’t that what we all hopefully (or, hopelessly) look for? 🙂 Take my writing with a grain of salt, if you like, but I am also quite proud to tell you that after Lucas’s 1.5 years stint in Morgan Rothschild Academy, he’s the first among his batch to pass an entrance test to his preferred international school. That, and he gets teary when he thinks about his last day in kindergarten because he said his teachers cried during graduation day “maybe because they’re sad too that we are all saying goodbye”.

Thank you so much for welcoming Lucas with such an open heart—thathis heart was in return, filled with love, happiness & thankfulness in all the days he spent at Morgan Rothschild. Again, thank you. We shall never forget your kindness and wisdom in rearing these precious children in their early education.

Mrs. Chiara Tsang
(I mean every word with my mommy heart! btw — my husband shares the same view) 🙂